Matthew Whitaker Releases "Now Hear This"


After much anticipation, sold-out performances the world over, and hot off the success of his debut album, 18-year-old virtuoso Matthew Whitaker released his second album Now Here This on Resilience Music label on August 9th.

Paying respect to the musicians who came before him as well as his contemporaries, Whitaker blends the old and the new, jazz standards and new compositions in this daring second album. He spent the spring touring Europe with some of what you will hear on the album, and will continue to tour throughout the 19-20 season. 

Veronica Swift Releases "Confessions," Available August 30

mac_1149_veronica_swift_confessions_cover_3000x3000 copy.jpg
“[Confessions] presents a story of my history and why I play this music... But what I really hope people get out of this record is that no matter what happens, just stay focused, stay on your course and everything will turn out OK. Because if there’s anything I’ve learned from playing music, it’s that.”
— Veronica Swift

Stacey Kent has joined the Unlimited Myles family!


Stacey joins Unlimited Myles already a seasoned veteran of the music world. She is a jazz vocalist in the mold of the greats, with a legion of fans worldwide. She has garnered a host of honors and awards including a Grammy nomination, album sales in excess of 2 million, and Gold, Double-Gold and Platinum-selling albums that have reached a series of No. 1 chart positions.

Her most recent release, “I Know I Dream: The Orchestral Sessions,” has received glowing reviews, including a coveted five stars in DownBeat, won ‘Album of the Year’ in the vocal category at the 2017 Jazz Japan Awards, and was described by All About Jazz as an “intoxicating understatement at its best… one more jewel in a discography with many, it’s one that deserves singling out for its luster.” Not to mention is has reached a cool 15 million streams!

Alicia Olatuja Releases “Intuition: Songs From The Minds Of Women”

“On her new album, “Intuition: Songs from the Minds of Women,” the vocalist Alicia Olatuja chose a wide range of songs written by female artists — from Joni Mitchell to Angela Bofill to Imogen Heap — and set about making a new imprint on each.”
— The New York Times

“...Olatuja has found a way to honor what made it [Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work”] so distinctive, while creating a whole new sound.” — The New York Times
— The New York Times